Want to understand the powerful speeches from #Zelenskyy without speaking #Ukrainian!? 

Zelenskyy is addressing the people in his and other countries on a daily basis using the Ukrainian language. Each of his speeches is professionally translated to English (and by the way Russian) and published on his website: https://www.president.gov.ua/en/news/speeches

An AI-powered solution scans his website for new speeches, generates a realistic human voice, and uploads the speeches to this podcast. This way, more people can access the great ideas of this inspiring #leader which will hopefully lead to more sympathy with #Ukraine, higher #SupportUkraine and stronger #Sanctions against #Russia.

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The Summit will be Truly Global, Leaders from All Continents will be Represented – Address by the President - 2024-05-20 21:40:00

We already have an understanding of the Summit's content – of the meeting's outcome we should achieve. I am grateful to all states, all leaders, all ambassadors of pea...

The Occupier Fails to Achieve Its Goal of Stretching Our Forces Thin and Thus Weakening Ukraine – Address by the President - 2024-05-19 19:19:00

As a result of these days – of the whole week – we have secured stronger positions in the Kharkiv region.

Wherever the Situation is Difficult, Our Forces Give a Decent Rebuff to the Occupier – Address by the President of Ukraine - 2024-05-18 19:17:00

Ukrainian diplomacy is working together with Ukrainian weapons for the sake of a just peace for our country and a just punishment for Russia for this war.

Our Energy Sector Has Lost a Significant Part of Its Production, there is a Need for a Rational Consumption of Electricity Again — Address by the President - 2024-05-17 19:47:00

Both at the Government level and at the level of regional and local authorities, as well as at the level of energy companies, we need to ensure that the public is full...

We Managed to Build Confidence in Vovchansk Direction, yet Russian Shelling and Threats Persist – Address by the President - 2024-05-16 20:12:00

Russia is trying to expand the war, invariably accompanying it with empty words about peace. We must force Russia into a real, just peace by all means. In this context...

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